Industrial and Solid Waste

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Our unique blend of capabilities pertain to all aspects of industrial and solid waste management, including landfill design and construction, permitting and compliance. We also specialize in solutions for industrial byproducts, such as cement kiln dust, ash and slag. You can rely on us for these services: 

  • Siting demonstrations—Detailed hydrogeologic and geologic assessments performed for proposed waste management facilities
  • Permitting—Development of permit application content; coordination with EPA, state and local agencies; permit language negotiation and community relations assistance
  • Construction oversight—Complete construction oversight and quality assurance services provided for landfill facility development
  • Closure/post-closure activities—Observation of cap installation, gas extraction, well installation and routine facility inspections provided during the post-closure period for landfills. We also provide observation and P.E. certifications for these activities. 
  • Monitoring—Complete facility monitoring provided for stormwater, leachate, methane gas, groundwater and process wastewaters
  • Comprehensive environmental compliance— Development of compliance plans and coordination with regulatory agencies across environmental regulations