Air Quality

Schreiber, Yonley & Associates has a long-term history partnering with business, industry and government entities to help responsibly manage the full spectrum of today’s pressing environmental initiatives. As the Clean Air Act regulations continue to evolve, SYA continues to be known for providing leadership to industry and other regulated entities.

Air Pollutant Strategies and Studies

We conduct air pollutant studies to determine the source, fate and optimal control solution. Our studies emphasize our understanding of the regulatory framework, emissions characterizations, process operations and agency concerns. As part of this, we:SYA Air

  • Design and oversee test plans for criteria pollutants and HAPs that are based on:
    • Appropriate sampling and analytical procedures
    • Meeting regulatory requirements and guidance
    • Providing reliable, meaningful results and strategies for going forward
    • Providing greatest flexibility for operations after testing
    • Identifying/speciating anticipated and unknown emissions to address specific concerns/questions
  • Develop and perform studies to formulate your company’s air quality strategies. We determine whether a control technology is effective, compatible and economical for your application.
  • Guide and implement multi-pathway risk assessment studies.

SYA’s staff understands the growing maze of regulations that apply to your facility. We are skilled in these critical areas:

  • Regulatory interpretation
  • Performing audits
  • Understanding your operations and developing fully compliant operating plans
  • Training plan development and implementation
  • Communications with agencies and the public
  • Helping you and your legal counsel respond effectively to agency information requests, and/or enforcement

We have long-term and a wide range of expertise on air permitting for many industries, including:

  • Major source PSD/NSR permitting activities
    • Regulatory review and analysis
    • Documentation of control technologies and costs
    • Air contaminant dispersion modeling and visibility analysis modeling
  • Minor source construction permitting
  • Title V and minor source operating permits, permit renewals and modifications

SYA addresses the range of requirements for MACT and NSPS compliance:

  • Applicability determinations
  • Pollutant studies and strategies
  • Compliance plans for operations and maintenance, training and other procedures
  • Emission test plans, oversight, data interpretation and reports
  • BART: Response to agency information requests related to visibility, BART evaluations and comments on BART selection
Greenhouse Gas Strategies

As part of the developing Climate Change requirements, we can help you:

  • Track and apply regulatory requirements
  • Develop GHG inventories or provide verification services
  • Use our engineering expertise to support facility GHG reduction strategies by using alternative fuels/biomass and other perational/process modifications